Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Released: The Lost Treasure

I just got done with my second book: The Lost Treasure, Reclaiming the INheritance of the Church.
In our current culture the idea of family is in turmoil. It has been abandoned, broken, redefined, reformed, and broken again, resulting in generations adrift in the waters of confusion and hopelessness. There seems to be a wider gap in the generations than ever before. Out of this uncertainty, foundational roots which promote stability and identity are not being passed on as an inheritance.

What has been the church’s response? Instead of leading the way with the light of God’s alternative, many churches have been so concerned with preserving the last generation they have lost touch with the next. Young people are leaving churches in record numbers feeling there is nothing there for them. The biggest mistake any church can make is becoming one generational.

The Biblical perspective is that the church is to be multi-generational. Every generation is to be connected to and concerned with the generations behind and before them. If the church fails in this area, instead of being a spring board launching people forward, it becomes a road block that must be avoided in order for people receive their spiritual inheritance.

The Lost Treasure reveals the Biblical design for a multi-generational church. It deals directly with sins of the older generations “spiritually retiring” and the younger generations “spiritually rebelling,” and offers solutions to both. If we discover and reclaim this treasure, the church can become the answer to the current cultural crisis.


  1. I took a picture with your book today and I can't figure out how to post it on here.

  2. any rate I LOVED the part about Lolipop Youth Groups. Very well put.