Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Released: Caring for God's People

I just got done publishing my third book, "Caring for God's People, Godly Wisdom for Shepherds."

In John 21:16 Jesus expresses something amazing to Peter about the importance of shepherding God's people. Jesus tells Peter that if he loves Him, he should shepherd, or care for, His people. "Jesus asked, Do you love Me"? Peter said to Him, "Yes, Lord; You know that I love You." Jesus said to him, "Shepherd My sheep."
Caring for God's people is close to the heart of God. Anyone who has ever attempted to do so knows it is sometimes a unenviable responsibility that is full of challenges. Certainly there can be great disappointments, but along with these come great rewards as we help people walk closer with Jesus.

God's word gives us specific insight into how He wants to care for His people. The church today has lost their hold on much of the wisdom found in God's Word concerning how to care for His people. This book explores various aspects of shepherding from God's Word and gives insight into caring for His people. It examines aspects of shepherding often not covered in contemporary leadership books.

The church is in the "people business." Beautiful buildings, marvelous meetings, and successful ministries are not substitute for the call of God to personally care for His sheep. This book will provide wisdom to help you be more effective in that mission.

This book is specifically designed for anyone currently, or in the future, giving care to God's people in any capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, any sort of mentor, small group leader or future leader, older spiritual brothers, sisters, moms or dads, leadership teams, or anyone else who simply cares for God's sheep.

Copies of "Caring for God's People" can be purchased by calling 620 231-6881 between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Lost Treasure featured at Book Expo America

The book "The Lost Treasure" was recently featured at Book Expo America in New York. Here is the You Tube clip of the Lost Treasure.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

God anointing His pattern of legacy in an unusual place

God created mankind “in His image.” Regardless of whether they are serving Him or not, even in a fallen state, man still bears God’s image. While the pollution of sin marrs it, and man is unable to overcome that corruption apart from Him, still the image comes through. When there are things in the secular world that touch on His image and pattern He will bear witness to it.

I was recently in a local Chamber of Commerce meeting and God came and bore witness to His pattern and image. A presentation was being made by the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization. We know from the Bible that the pattern of God is for there to be multigenerational connections among His people. We also know that the design of His house is that He wants it to be a home for lonely people who have been beaten up by the corruptive effects of sin. As they enter into relationships, they tend to find a place of healing in His family.

As representatives of the Big Brother big Sister organization began to share their mission to team up less fortunate young people with positive role models I could sense God’s presence begin to touch something in the people there. There were also testimonies of people involved in working as big brothers and sisters. As they shared their experiences of touching and influencing the generations behind them, you could sense God touching something in everyone’s heart. It was almost like a church service. One young man, who was a mentor, even brought up his belief that God was involved in his participation. I was wondering if his comments would be offensive to some but instead it seemed appropriate. I almost shouted amen!

When the program was over, people paused and didn’t want to leave very quickly as they normally would have. It was like some church gatherings I have been in when we touched something together of God’s heart which lead to an afterglow of His presence that we wanted to linger around. While many in that room would not have understood what went on from God’s perspective, they did experience His presence connected to His design. God has a design for legacy and a multigenerational focus that He loves and wants expressed in the earth.