Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Released: Relational Theology

I just got done publishing my first book: Relational Theology, Recapturing Powerful Relationships in the Church.

Why do some people seem so spiritual and "put together" on Sunday morning but hide a personal life of relational turmoil? How can a person attend church week after week and still feel like a stranger? Where does a person find help for dealing with inter-personal problems besides sweeping them under the rug and tip-toeing around on egg-shells?

Answers to these relational issues and others are clearly spelled out in this easy to read doctrinal study on living real life in the church today.

Most of the problems in church today stem from relational issues. While disagreements in beliefs sometimes come into play, underlying relational tensions cause the majority of the problems. This is why almost half of the New Testament letters contain exhortations and instructions on how God's people are to treat each other. In fact, the majority of the Bible is revelation about how to relate correctly with God and His people.

Relational Theology addresses these topics with straightforward and applicable principles from God's Word. Jesus prayed in John 17:22 that the relational harmony that exists in the Trinity would be lived out among His people. This book is designed to stir us to capture the important relational elements found in God's Word that is often missing in the church today. If God's people will endeavor to embrace and walk in the truths contained in this book, we will go a long way in becoming the testimony in the earth that God desires and the world needs.

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